A hidden plumbing leak can become one of the pain areas in your house resulting in unusual increase in your water bills. It may cause an unexpected damage from behind the walls, basements, under concrete slabs and asphalt, before you know it. As these leaks are most of the times concealed, there should be a continuous check on it so as to avoid an uninvited and sudden damages cause by them. Some of the signs of damage due to water leakage are wet and spongy floors with moist and discolored walls giving foul odors, cracking of building foundation and uneven growth of vegetation. These can also be considered as symptoms of water leakage to identify it before it becomes too big to resolve.
Below are some of the signs of water leakage that can help in plumbing leak detection at an early stage:-

• Hearing of continuous sound of dripping water even if all the valves and faucets are shut down.
• When there is a change in water meter reading even if none of the plumbing valves are turned on and you are really not using any water at all.
• As mentioned earlier – signs of foul odors coming from wet and moist walls can also be used for plumbing leak detection.
• Another means to detect a plumbing leak is to observe your water bill, which may escalate surprisingly over a time period due to water leakage.
• Spotting of warm areas on concrete floors.
• Spotting of cracks and small gaps in the pool shell or concrete deck.

Immediately after the detection of all these plumbing leak problems, one should try to address them at the earliest without any delay as some of these can not only flood your house but also increase your water bill multifold. Now the good news is that some of these leak problems are ‘do it yourself (DYI)’ sort of problems and can be resolved even without involving your plumber. If the leak is at a joint of the pipe, the obvious solution is to tighten the pipe. Similarly if the pipe itself is leaking, best option is to remove that and replace that particular section of the pipe itself. Again bad news is that – these things although DYI types, but actually are not that easy as it looks like while writing a blog on plumbing repairs.

It is always easier said than done. You may face problems while unscrewing a pipe at one end from its fitting and eventually
tightening it at the other end.

Hence an alternative to pipe replacement is pipe patch where pipe patch kits can be easily be found at any of the hardware stores.

Lastly I would conclude that if at all I face problems after plumbing leak detection during its repair- the best option I go for is to catch hold of my plumber. As some times saving a one time expense on account of plumbing repairs can lead to multiple unexpected plumbing related problems causing expenditure more than what is saved.


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