Blockage of sewer or drain in your bathroom or kitchen is one of the most common problems faced that is related to plumbing. “Plumbing Blog” gives below some of the frequently used cleaners/methods for sewer and drain cleaning with their own sets of limitations:-

Home Based Frugal Methods:-

These are the home remedy sort of method where we take help of hot water and hot vinegar to flush out the sewer and other clogged drains. Sometimes baking soda is also used along with the vinegar to clean sewer and drains. Now this is the only method which has only advantages and almost no disadvantage except that of its efficiency in cleaning the drains. It is economical and is done with the help of readily available items in a house. These house hold items are not only cheap, safe but also environment friendly.

Electric Drain Cleaners:-

The advantage with them is its ability to reach deep down the drains to clear the blockage. They are also called Plumber’s Snake, which is basically a flexible cable twisted with the help of mechanical force exerted by the electric motor. Electric Drain cleaners can be a bit costly and its limitation is its weight and efforts to control it during cleaning down the pipe.

Chemical Cleaners:-

Chemical Drain Cleaners are easily available in the market and are alkaline and as well as acidic in nature. The limitation is their hazardous effect on lungs, skin and eyes. Moreover they are not that efficient in cleaning the blockages far away from the pipe openings. Some of the acidic drain cleaners may also react with metallic pipes can produce explosive hydrogen vapors and are also corrosive in nature. These chemicals should only be used as per manufacturer’s guidelines to avoid any harmful effects.

Sewer Jetters:-

Sewer Jetter is a sort of attachment that can hooked to your pressure washer. It’s a high pressure long flexible hose pipe with a jet nozzle on one end, having firing jets in forward and as well as backward direction for drain cleaning and propelling the Jetter hose deep down the drain. Its firing jets in backward direction make it effortless while pulling it inside the drain and simultaneously cleaning the drain and sewer. The pressure washer with sewer jetter as attachment is much cheaper than electric cleaner. The only care that needs to be taken is making sure that jets operate only inside the drain and proper protection is given to eyes to avoid direct contact with fluids coming out from sewer and drain during cleaning.

Air Burst Drain Cleaners:-

Air burst drain cleaners use compressed gas cartridges which includes high force air and carbon dioxide to clear the clog layers. High speed accelerated gases forcefully dislodge the clogs on stagnant water and clear the slow running sewers and drain. The advantage of Air burst drain cleaners is that they clean drains faster than chemical cleaning which takes hours to react and soften the clogs. Eye protection is important in this type of cleaning as well to avoid direct contact with gases.

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